The most awesome Instagram-driven screen saver, ever

What Is Screenstagram?

Quite simply, Screenstagram is a screensaver for your Mac. It consumes photos from the always engaging Instagram service, displaying them in a beautifully suited array on your idling screen. It can consume your friend’s Instagram photos or those otherwise highly-rated from across the Instagram community.

We wanted this, and so it is. That’s all. And now it can be yours. Made with Cinder.

Here’s a video demonstrating Screenstagram and how to install.

Screenstagram FAQ

How do you install this?
First download the .dmg file above, by clicking the Mac Download button. Then check out this video that demonstrates how to do it.

Do I need an Instagram account to use this?
No. If you don’t enter your Instagram credential it will just pull from the popular photo feed. If you do put in your Instagram creds it’ll grab your feed and photos for a more personalized experience.

How did you build this?
With Cinder!

It doesn’t work on my computer! It erased my hard drive! It became Skynet! What’s up?
Screen savers, man. They’re prickly beasts. Please see our disclaimer: “This software is offered as is, and we’re not responsible if you like destroy your computer with it or something”.

Version History

- First public launch.

- Fixed issue for users who had disabled Arial.

– Added option to hide usernames.
– Added option to not include public photos when you’ve authenticated.
– Speed increases.

- Supprts the following operating systems:
- OS X: 10.7 (Lion) and up.
- Windows: XP and up.
- Supports multiple displays.
- Better performance.
- Option to only show your Liked photos.
- Option to display only tagged photos with your tag of choice. Cats!
- Fixed bug preventing redraw on Macbook Airs