It’s not a half-pipe. It’s an awesome desk.

At The Barbarian Group, we believe in the power of ideas to provoke a reaction.  So when challenged with our own brief - to keep the Barbarian tribe happy and inspired everyday - we turned to Clive Wilkinson, an architect who shares our passion for interesting ideas in a world pre-disposed to boring sameness.

The challenge was to create the most collaborative, creative environment possible.  The result?  A desk that we could all share, literally - 4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing.

So come say hello, have a drink, pull up a chair and let’s create something worth talking about.


Our Work

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    Pepsi Next

    For the digital launch of a new, mid-calorie product for Pepsi, we needed to get people to try it. But how do you taste something on the Internet? Your surrogate will taste it for you, of course.

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    Pepsi Next

    To spread trial and awareness for the unbelievable taste of PepsiNEXT, we did the unbelievable and added a 25th hour to our target’s day.

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    When one of the most powerful people in America decides to give away 27 billion dollars of his fortune, the website that gets the word out had better match the ambition of his generosity.

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    Pepsi Next

    Actor William Levy wants to show the world that he is more than just a telenovela star, and he’s going to use the alluring power of PepsiNEXT to prove it.

Our Clients

Our Products


A powerful framework for programming graphics, audio, video and computational geometry.


The most awesome Instagram-driven screen saver, ever.


Fullscreen kiosk-style presentation content viewer.


The foursquare app that helps you keep a great night going.

Jobs At The Barbarian Group

  • Senior Back-end Developer

    The Barbarian Group seeks a highly motivated and creative developer with specialization in backend web frameworks, database systems, system architecture and high performance.

    Account Manager

    We are looking for a ROCKSTAR Account Manager to help lead the charge on a spectacular CPG brand.

  • Senior Project Manager

    Seeking a creatively-driven self-starter with strong experience in operations, business profit and health. We are looking for someone who is detail oriented with the ability to flex and tailor process to project or creative talent needs. Agency experience managing complex integrated digital projects, including mobile, is a must.

    Android Developer

    The Barbarian Group is seeking an experienced Android developer who is versatile, willing to work on both native Android mobile application development and web apps. We are open to either front-end or back-end web developers.

  • Summer 2015 Internships

    Our highly competitive, 10-week program provides interns with the chance to gain the best hands-on experience in virtually every area of a fast paced digital creative agency. We treat our interns like staff, and if you’ve got the chops, you’ll be given opportunities far beyond your typical internship program. This year our program will run from Monday, June 8th through Friday, August 14th.

Come Visit

112 West 20th Street
new york, ny 10011

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